CTA Digital


Focus: Publicity and Media Relationships during E3 2010.

Solution: Tweet-up with popular gamer celebrities to draw a crowd coupled with giveaways. Connection with Rob Paz (Prod1gy X) and Ciji Thornton (StarSlay3r) was made to organize a gaming face-off. Raheem Jarbo (Random Beats/Mega Ran), a games rap artist that was at E3 to perform in a concert, was booked to make an appearance. Media interviews were scheduled for the celebs.

Once the face-off began, the crowd around the CTA Digital booth was 10 deep with CTA's competitors actually watching from afar.

More than a dozen media contacts were introduced to CTA Digital at E3 and after the event.

A review request organized with Hip Hop Gamer ended up as a video review on PS3 Home, just before the holidays 2010.

CTA continued requests for project help...prior to CES 2012, an introduction to a USA Today tech reporter was made to provide CTA Digital with an extra boost for their US Army partnership announcement..