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Composer/Lead Orchestrator (Games, Film, Television)

Penka lead-orchestrated “Elysium” – Sony’s $120M sci-fi action feature directed by Neill Blomkamp (“District 9”) — first time a woman was a lead orchestrator/score producer on a studio film with such a budget. She worked with Steve Jablonsky on“Ender’s Game.”

Penka also contributed her considerable talents to
DreamWorks “Need for Speed.”

She released her first album entitled “A Warrior’s Odyssey” Oct. 2012. It won three awards and nominations. A cut from this album, “MINOTAUR BATTLE,” Click to listen has been submitted for Grammy nomination. Her second album is is due for launch 2015.

Penka has contributed her lead orchestration talents to a big horror Japanese game for release soon by Sony on PS4. Other orchestration work focused on the TV show, Revenge and WoW.




Consultant, Fuller Game Production, LLC
Author of Beyond Critical, Improving Leadership in Game Development
Beyond Critical on

Keith was a featured speaker for the IGDA’s Leadership Track at SIEGE 2013. Recent work with Deep Silver, developer of widely acclaimed Saint’s Row IV, resulted in the following comment from their leadership: “Keith was able to present a high-level road-map and risk analysis which turned out to be very relevant for us and has helped us navigate an evolution of our culture.”

Keith is collaborating with another Mary Kurek client, Mike Acton of Insomniac Games, on a service designed to provide game studios with improved productivity and leadership, morale, employee retention, and ability to compare employee engagement to industry benchmarks. The service is called Fulcrum


imagesVoice Artist, Games
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Kevin voiced the key antagonist for AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS by transmedia maven Christy Dena, who was recently awarded Australia’s first Digital Writing Residency.

After being introduced by Mary Kurek, Kevin collaborated with sound/music games veteran, George Hufnagl, to create “Balmodar” Click to check out Balmodar, a DOTA 2 announcer, receiving great community feedback. George reports a great working relationship that is sure to produce more collaborations.

Kevin can now be heard as the virtual secretary in the announcement trailer forFractured Skyline by Preliminal Games (video) and has just finished recording three great adventures for Brisbane’s 2014 Street Reads. He’s currently beavering away on ALTERED, which you can find out more about here


Urban Games Designer – Specialty in Raw Food Tourism

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Krister’s background includes industrial design work for the largest museum in Australia, called the Powerhouse Museum. He is taking his design skills and experience in games and sim development and moving it to the mainstream in the exciting world of culinary tourism. Krister’s unique events will connect fan crowds and regionally themed events to keep “flow” and provide a higher level of experience than one normally finds in a festival environment. Krister and Mary Kurek mapped out an intensive business trip to Europe and the US over the summer of 2014 where he interviewed chefs, food media, tourism professionals, and major food festival organizers. Now, back in Australia, Krister is designing his launch event to take place late 2014.

Inquiries to Krister are managed by [email protected]



Composer – Producer – Orchestratorimages (2)
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Spencer has worked in film/TV and games with credits that also extend into the commercial field. The Legend of Fat Ninja with Zephyr Games is of note, as well as Nickelodeon Halloween TV spots, for which Spencer was nominated for an Emmy.