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Announcing my Master Academy for Professional Networkers!  And the answer the “could you make money making business introductions” is YES, YOU CAN, and SHOULD! In fact, I’d love to have some colleagues in this pretty unique field-one, I believe I must have founded.  I’ve charged as much as $3k per month, and as little as $1k per month for making business introductions for clients who wanted business leads and other resources, publicity, endorsements, collaborators/partners, and other types of conversations. I’ve been doing this for 9+ years, and, if you’d take a cruise through my site, you’ll see client cases and testimonials–you’ll hear from those who have received benefit. As much as the relief they feel knowing this level of targeted networking is being handled, they really appreciate the professionalism (and reduced awkwardness of cold networking.  They like being “agented” to business contacts.

So, if you are a coach, publicist, PR agent, or other entrepreneur who is a great networker with excellent follow-up skills and already have a strong network from which to draw, you already have the primary credentials to start.  Check out the info on my Master Academy here:  This is an introductory price and only in this version will there be this much personal coaching involved.  This is your opportunity and it’s a serious one, so, if you are truly interested and have questions, contact me [email protected] and let’s talk.