Mocha 7


Mocha7 Media helps companies communicate with their customers, get press coverage, and build networks of loyal enthusiasts.

We know how online communities evolve, how brands stand out, and how to create stirs in the industry.

Our service packages range from hourly consulting to monthly retainer. Contact us for detailed price breakdowns and client portfolios.

Testimonial from Anna Nadim - Director and Mocha7
I have collaborated with Mary at different points throughout the past 2 years. Every time I've done so, I feel amazed at her level of professionalism. She is an embodiment of what networking should be like - always making new connections, never afraid to pick up the phone to introduce herself to someone, and constantly making people-partnerships (i.e. linking people who have somewhat symbiotic needs to each other). I'm glad I got a chance to know and work with her so closely.