*If you are looking to make a career transition and need help networking, whether, in a visible way or “under the radar,” set up an appointment (calendar link above) to discuss options.


RIPPLE STARTER Single Consulting Session (Via Skype/Phone – Skill Building and Network Overhaul to Allow Best Opportunities to Surface)

If you need to jump start a project or are in the early stages of business or transition, working for an hour with Mary, who networks daily and globally in high profile industries could be the best investment of an 1 1/2 you’ve made in your business so far.  Her work has been endorsed by award-winning Hollywood talent, a White House Chef, several highly successful serial entrepreneurs, and many more.  Mary has received commendation from a Marine Corps General, and she has been awarded and praised by NC’s most legendary Governor.  If getting past uncomfortable networking or locking into the right strategy to pull your business forward is priority for you, this consulting session will put you on the right track.

In a single 1 1/2-hour consulting/coaching session with Mary, you’ll discuss your online visibility and discover aspects of your background and your business that can be more appropriately promoted to attract better contacts.  You’ll talk about the make up of your current network and how to leverage those contacts in a more meaningful way.  Additionally, you’ll find out how to grow your network into useful directions to serve your goals…faster.  And, if, during the session, Mary comes up with an introduction or two that she can make for you, it will be done following the session  (with your agreement to follow up on those introductions as soon as they are made.)  Note that you will be challenged to make a high-level connection for yourself within 1 week of the consulting session, under Mary’s coaching.  Even one good contact could more than pay for the cost of a single session with Mary.  Contact [email protected] details.

WAVE BUILDER Professional Networking Package:  (Advanced 1-on-1 Coaching/Consulting along with Business Introductions Made For You to Accelerate Your Business Growth)

4-week package:  1 initial consulting/coaching session as described in the Ripple Package above.  Unlimited access to Mary by e-mail and a weekly 30 minute private call to ensure direction and networking activities are progressing appropriately.  Also includes business contacts brought to you through emailed introduction from Mary over the course of the 4 weeks.  At the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to advance into the Tidal Wave Premium Package  – monthly Professional Networking –  at a discounted rate, if desired.  The networking you’ll experience during these 4 weeks will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.  You better be ready to follow up and follow through.  You’ll get a true sense of what it is like to work with a Professional Networker (a pro who agents conversations for you) and, you may never want to go back to trying to do it all by yourself again.  Drop into Mary’s Calendar to schedule a brief exploratory session to see if this package is right for you.

TIDAL WAVE Premium Professional Networking Package: (Business Introductions Made For You to Build Business-Changing Momentum)  3 month minimum commitment

This service saves you an amazing amount of time and provides for critical “warm” networking that benefits your business in so many ways.  If you are a crazy busy executive, serial entrepreneur, talent professional, author heading on tour, innovator with a product launch, then this service is for you!  If you aren’t quite the extrovert and network better one-on-one (when someone makes an introduction), then this service is for you.  If you need lots of connections fast because you are on deadline and you lack time and diversity of network, this service is for you.  And, if you realize that there are really great opportunities out there that you will never know about without the help of a true “connector,” this service is most especially for YOU.

Mary is a pioneer in the field of making business introductions as a unique service, with more than nine years working with high profile professionals.  You will appreciate her “agenting” approach that provides a more professional representation of you and your business.  It will feel more prestigious to you and to the contacts she brings to introduction.  Mary has been quoted on msnbc.com, NBCNews.com, USAtoday.com, AOL.com, CNN.com, CEO BlogNation, and fastcompany.com.  

Here’s what your Professional Networking Package includes:

A review of your online visibility (your web site, social media, and Linkedin profiles).  Edits done-for-you to maximize attraction for right types in your network.

1 1/2 hour initial telephone or skype session to discuss business direction, types of contacts needed, and brainstorm how to leverage your current network.

“Fronting” or holding preliminary conversations with prospects for information gathering to warm them up prior to introduction.

Introductions to specific types of contacts:

Examples, but, not limited to:

prospective collaborators

media sources for publicity opportunities

influencers within target groups – like mommy bloggers

changemakers – like TED speakers/thought leaders

business prospects and channel partners

service providers – like gamification or UX experts, PR, and community managers

…and more to help you boost your business quickly and easily.

Mary tracks all introductions on a shared excel sheet and can help you set up her preferred contact management tool (for managing your entire network), if desired.  (*Inquire about the contact management tool).

Includes unlimited email access to Mary and a monthly consulting call to maintain momentum

*REQUIREMENT:  You must have a profile on Linkedin.   If you don’t already have a profile and need one built from scratch, indicate so upon inquiry so that work can be included. This package with Mary requires a minimum 3-month commitment.  Here’s a quick Q/A tool to help you decide if you are ready to take the next step.  And, here’s the next step: Book a short complimentary session with Mary to explore this opportunity.  Mary’s Calendar Here

NEW:  THE POSEIDON EXPERIENCE:  This is the ultimate!  A VIP level experience that combines all of the Tidal Wave Package features into a 12-month package and includes an invitation to a special in-person Mastery Day with Mary.  You’ll walk away with a customized networking plan of action, connections made on the spot, and an opportunity to meet with Mary for a private in-person session that will take your expertise at networking to a master level.  All of this in a luxurious tropical environment with incredible food and amenities that will provide the most comfortable and inspirational atmosphere for elevating you and your work to the place it belongs.  Extraordinary experience.  Contact: [email protected] for details.

Linkedin Profile Editing / Building Services:

Because Linkedin is used with Mary’s consulting/networking services, it is important that you have a profile that shows you in the best light.  Your online visibility is your best tool for attracting the right types.  Mary has seen high-ranking CEO types with profiles that included dead links, misspelled words, poor grammar, and even sentences that began with smaller case letters.  Editing includes a 1 hour telephone/skype session to gather information and tweaking your profile.  Building the contact pool to 500 is also included, if you haven’t reached that number, yet.

$300 for existing profiles that need some edits

$575 for total profile generation with network building.

Contact [email protected]  to set up either of these Linkedin services.

Note:  Mary Kurek Professional Networking uses PayPal for payments.  All Professional Networking is paid by the month in advance.  


This academy is for  business coaches, consultants, PR agents, virtual assistants, and any entrepreneur who wants to increase their income and offer a highly valuable service to their clients.  The founder of Professional Networking as a service, Mary Kurek, brings you a total business kit to add this service to your existing business or start up your own agency.  Why would Mary want to train competitors?  She doesn’t believe in competition.  In her words, “I have the audience I naturally attract and those I best serve.  I need to refer out those that aren’t the best fit for me, therefore, I need to train.”

Professional Networking is a unique service and requires a special dedication to the one skill that most impacts anyone’s business.  Not everyone out there has the gift of connecting on a personal level and seeing marketing, collaborative, or business development opportunities where others don’t.  The Professional Networker must.  Even with the “gift,” one must learn the process for running the business of Professional Networking, strategies, marketing, and documentation. If you KNOW you are a connector and often make referrals to others, you are halfway there.  Mary will help you with the rest.  You can easily add thousands to your monthly income.  Here’s what you can expect in this 6-week academy:

-1 hour 1-on-1  initial coaching session

-4 weekly recorded audio presentation lessons (links sent weekly)

Week 1-Introduction and overview of Professional Networking.  What you’ll need to start up.

Week 2-Working with Clients – from coaching to mining your network for contacts.

Week 3-Setting your fee–the rules/policies/contract.

Week 4-Marketing and templates

-1 live coaching & Q/A call

-Unlimited email access to Mary

-Upon completion, you will be entered into Mary’s Referral Program

-Templates:  Email introductions, Linkedin messages, Advanced Profile building, Client checklist, and Business Contract.

$497.  INTRODUCTORY PRICE.  LIMITED # ACCEPTED PER QUARTER.  Set up an exploratory call with Mary to determine if this is the right fit for you.  Mary’s Calendar