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All of the offerings from Mary Kurek Professional Networking come from a mission of changing the way people network to achieve big impact. Mary explains her passion about her work in this way: "I believe that Professional Networking isn't just a service, but rather, an occupation...even an industry unto itself. I don't know anyone doing exactly what I do, so I feel like a founder. I want to see a professional organization for those whom I train in my "art" and I want to see a place for a Chief Networking Officer in the C-suite in businesses globally. All of this, and I EXPECT that the clients I service will continue to experience amazing growth along with contributing greater good impact to shape a better world. Lofty, I know, but, big is what I do here, anyway."

Reasons why you need to work with Mary:

-Saves you time. She networks while you get back to work.

-Faster growth - because networking is happening faster.

-Better quality contacts being introduced to you because Mary's network is deep and diverse, and she is constantly broadening and mining other networks.

-No more awkward cold networking (Mary starts relationship development.)

-No more losing track of contacts (Mary tracks contacts she introduces to you.)

-Access to new opportunities (Mary often finds opportunities you would not have known because she finds the "story" and gaps where opportunity lives.)

-More informed networking conversations (Mary often holds preliminary
conversations with prospects before introductions and shares the "why you need to talk to this guy" with you ahead of time.)

-Access to groups of influencers (ie: mommy bloggers, TED speakers, writers for major publications, respected technical, entertainment, and other types of talent.)

-Enhanced ability to attract great leads. (Mary reviews/edits your profiles for optimum attraction.)

-More professional representation. (Mary's agenting style of networking improves the quality of networking. It feels more prestigious to all parties).

Confidential networking campaigns for professionals in career transition. (Mary doesn't job hunt for you...but, she can bring introductions to you that will add significant value to your search, and could ultimately provide you the path to that transition.)

-9 + years of experience networking and looking for "gaps" that can become opportunities.

-Mary is experienced in business leadership (former Chamber of Commerce Director.) She's professionally trained as a business coach, and has authored a business networking book that bears the endorsement of the CEO of the American Business Women's Association.

-Mary has a proven system for networking that has resulted in partnerships, business contracts/clients, collaborations, publicity, distribution channels, and more. She trains others on how to network more effectively with her WAVES system.

-Easy access to experts + service providers. (Mary's network is built with diversity in mind, encompassing several industries heavy with highly credentialed talent, tech experts, innovators, and skilled marketers.)

-Access to finding the hard-to-find. (Mary often finds contact information to people that most cannot reach).

-Conferences no longer a pain. (Mary has actually attended an expo on behalf of a client that didn't want to attend, but wanted the exposure. She has helped many to fill their conference schedules.)

-Your reputation grows with Mary's. (Mary is constantly building social capital that translates into good PR and opportunities for her clients.)


Note: Mary maintains a limited number of clients, so there is a sense of exclusivity with projects. She also does not engage clients in the same occupation who would be looking for same contacts.

Still reading...Ok -here's the scoop. Products and services are ideal for high viz talent professionals, innovative start-ups, social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and CEOs with a big mission and little time to network. Mary's services are called upon when a business is in need of targeted contacts for collaborations and publicity for launches, events, or programs. Additionally, entrepreneurs call Mary when they are looking for opportunities like speaking gigs, places where they can grow their reach, or business development types of connections. Mary's networking abilities continue to catch the attention of talented professionals who are planning a career transition and either need that networking boost or desire to conduct their networking "under the radar" in order to keep their search private.


Here's how it works: Visibility review starts the process to ensure that the client's online visibility is the way it should be seen prior to introductions being made. After a consultation, the contact base is then "mined" (and expanded, if necessary) to start the relationship process for clients and deliver targeted introductions, following up as appropriate. Mary Kurek is a pioneer at creating Professional Networking as a specific stand-alone service. As such, she also offers training programs and coaching packages to support clients who wish to boost networking skills for accelerated growth. Additionally, coaching is available for entrepreneurs who wish to offer Professional Networking within their own menu of client services.

You can find Mary's offerings at under the SHOP button on the menu bar at the top. If you have a networking need you don't see in the offerings, book yourself an exploratory time-slot on Mary's Calendar - access below.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: (All Offerings Accessed via the SHOP Button on the Menu)

PRIVATE CONSULTING AND NETWORKING DONE-FOR-YOU: Includes review of online visibility to prepare for introductions. We'll brainstorm to blend marketing and networking processes, and reveal best opportunities to accelerate business growth. Professional networking introduction plan set and executed. 3-month minimum commitment. Visit the SHOP tab on the menu or click link to access calendar to book a complimentary exploratory call Mary's Calendar

SUPPORTED TRAINING: Coaching Programs and Packages. Will provide how-to information and specific networking steps to improve program/product reach. Critical documents and expert advice included. Some products include 1-1 and group coaching. Offers may vary, so check back often.

NEW: MARY'S MASTER ACADEMY FOR PROFESSIONAL NETWORKERS. Start your own business or add professional networking to your coaching or consulting services. Inquire by booking an exploratory call with Mary Mary's Calendar

LINKEDIN PROFILE EDITS/BUILDING: Mary requires her clients to have a Linkedin profile before she will start networking. If you don't have a profile or if you do and it needs work, this service will get it cleaned up and ready to attract great contacts. Details found on the SHOP page. Tab on the menu bar.